About Us

We work side-by-side with you. We call on skilled specialists from organisations which are part of our thorough network of partners and associates.

Together, we craft solutions for your business.

They can be strategic solutions for long term objectives or tactical ones for more immediate challenges. They can take the form of training, or a consultancy project, or software. They can be a customized version of our existing programs or a bespoke approach created for you. Above all, they will be solutions that are the best fit for your company and your circumstances.

Our History

We have been building this service to the hospitality industry since 2004 when Lucas Peng and IFH GmbH of Germany launched IFH Asia Pacific Pte Ltd in Singapore and IFH Asia Ltd in Hong Kong as a joint-venture operation.

In 2014, Lucas Peng fully acquired IFH GmbH’s share of Asia Pacific and two separate entities were created - Peak Hospitality Solutions Pte Ltd in Singapore and Peak Hospitality International Ltd in Hong Kong

In 2015, to further expand the business in China, a company was registered there based in Shenzhen – 新顶(深圳)咨询服务有限公司

Our PHS people grew up in the hospitality industry. We are steeped in its values. It is not simply an aim but a deep satisfaction to help our customers in the industry to achieve their goals and objectives.